Discover transparent and competitive fee structures tailored to your educational aspirations at Kantson Solutions. Our commitment is to provide clarity and affordability, ensuring that your investment in education aligns seamlessly with your journey to success.

2+2 Program

Immerse yourself in a transformative educational journey with our innovative 2+2 Program.
Begin with 2 years of comprehensive education in China, seamlessly transitioning to an enriching 2 years of study in Japan.
This unique pathway ensures a well-rounded global experience, preparing you for a successful future with a diverse skill set and international perspectives.

4+2 Program

Experience an extended global education with our dynamic 4+2 Program.
Dive deep into 4 years of comprehensive studies in China, followed by an enriching 2-year academic adventure in Japan.
This extended program provides an immersive learning experience, shaping well-rounded individuals with a strong foundation and a global mindset.

1+2.5 Program

Embark on a linguistic and academic journey with our 1+2.5 Program.
Begin with a one-year Japanese Language Study Program in China, paving the way for an enriching 2.5-year diploma pursuit in Japan.
This distinctive program combines language proficiency and specialized education, offering a unique pathway to success in the vibrant Japanese academic landscape.